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Word of Celebration

축사 목록
Son Khoe-hwan
Chairman of Tongyeong City Council
Jeong Jeom-sig
Congressman of the National Assembly
Yoo Jun-sang
Chairman of Korea Sailing Federation

Dear yacht-loving sailors and families!
Congratulations on hosting the『14th Yisunsin Cup International Yacht Race』that will be held in the beautiful sea and crisp autumn season.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere encouragement and appreciation to all of you, especially chairman Koo Kil-yong of Gyeongsangnam-do Sailing Federation and many other relevant officials who have been working hard to develop and expand the yacht industry, and prepare the Race despite the difficulty of the COVID-19. I also truly welcome everyone who visits Tongyeong for the Race.

Dear sailing families! In line with the trend of improving the level of national income and the quality of life, a growing number of citizens want to enjoy marine sports. Sailing is a marine leisure sport that features full of dazzling sea sunshine, beauty combined with the surrounding environment, strength to fight with waves, and mysterious charm to become one with nature.

Tongyeong has a beautiful and clean sea of Hallyeosudo Marine Nationa Park and the best conditions to enjoy marine sports. Through the『14th Yisunsin Cup International Yacht Race』, I hope that you will enjoy the Tongyeong sea, the best yacht venue, and appreciate the beautiful scenery of Hallyeosudo.

In addition, I hope that all the participating sailors are able to show their trained skills to compete in good faith and that the Race can be a chance to defeat the pandemic depression through world-class performances of the athletes and passionate support of the audience in harmony with pleasant wind and waves.

Lastly, I would like to encourage athletes from all over the world to have fair competitions in the Race, and wish you all great success. Thank you.

Son Khoe-hwanChairman of
Tongyeong City Council