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Opening Message

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt welcome to all the yacht sailors and officials from all over the world. My name is Kim Kyoung-su, governor of Gyeongsangnam-do or South Gyeongsang Province.

In this beautiful season with a full of colorful autumn leaves, we, along with 3.5 million Gyeongnam residents, believe that it is very meaningful to hold the 『14th Yisunsin Cup International Yacht Race』 here in the sea of Tongyeong where you can find the patriotic spirit of Admiral Yi Sun-sin. And also, I truly welcome some 300 athletes and officials from 10 different countries.

I would like to deliver my sincere gratitude to mayor Kang Seok-ju of Tongyeong City, chairman Koo Kil-yong of Gyeongsangnam-do Sailing Federation, and all the relevant officials for their commitment to the Race. Besides, I would like to thank minister Park Yang-woo of Culture, Sports and Tourism, congressman Jeong Jeom-sig representing Tongyeong and Goseong, and chairman Yoo Jun-sang of Korea Sailing Federation, who helped make the event more beautiful.

Celebrating the 14th event this year, the『Yisunsin Cup International Yacht Race』has become one of the three major yacht races in Asia. And it has been a good opportunity to let the world know about General Yi Sun-sin and the Great Battle of Hansan.

Although we have been forced not to invite any audience to the Race and to cancel the marine festival and ocean culture festival because of the novel COVID-19, we are thankfully able to provide real-time online broadcasts so that the whole nation can watch the entertaining and professional races. We look forward to your support and participation.

Tongyeong, the venue of the Race, is one of the most beautiful ports in the nation, which is rich in natural scenery, mild climate and wind, and fresh food created by 570 islets and emerald seas. In addition, it started a sailing history with a sailing team of Tongyeong Fisheries School in the 1930s and has the best ocean sports conditions that people can enjoy sailing to the fullest.

In order to open the era of marine leisure tourism on the southern coast, Tongyeong, a city of yachts, has been making relentless efforts to promote the yacht industry by establishing Tongyeong's Marina Business Center, Geoje Geunpo Marina, Goseong Marine Leisure Sports Academy, and Changwon Myeong-dong Marina, and organizing various marine leisure sports competitions such as Admiral Yi Sun-sin Cup, the South Coast Cup, and the Governor's Cup.

I wish a successful hosting of the 14th Yisunsin Cup International Yacht Race that will beautify Tongyeong’s autumn seas, and hope that all participants pay attention to their safety and show their best performance as trained.

I wish you all the best in health and happiness. Thank you.

Kim Kyoung-su Governor of Gyeongsangnam-do