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Word of welcome

환영사 목록
Kim Dong-Jin
Mayor of Tongyeong City
Koo Kil-Yong
President of Gyeongsangnam-do Sailing Federation

Warmest greetings to all yacht sailors and families!

I would like to extend my heartfelt welcome to all participating sailors, relevant officials and visitors to attend 『The 11th Yisunsin Cup International Yacht Race』, which is held in Tongyeong City that is proud to share its breathtaking natural beauty in harmony with sea, islands and land.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you, especially Interim Governor Han Kyung-Ho of Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Government, and Mr. Ku Kil-Yong, Chairman of Gyeongsangnam-do Sailing Federation who made a great effort to organize this Race.

In order to open the era of marine tourism in the south coast of the nation, our government is in the middle of planning on marine tourism zones to be recognized across Northeast Asia as a primary national task. In line with the task, we are striving to promote a sailing school and youth sailing team, establish a marine leisure business complex, expand port facilities, and organize diverse marine sports events.

Dear all yacht sailors and families!
I hope that you can enjoy the local attractions and nature, and show best performance in the Race based on your hard training and athletic ability. It is certain that this Race will be a quite enjoyable and pleasant event to all participating sailors, visitors and citizens.

I wish you all good health and prosperity, and hope you to enjoy the beauty of Tongyeong and have a wonderful memory during the event. Thank you.

Kim Dong-Jin
Mayor of Tongyeong City