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Word of welcome

환영사 목록
Kang Seok-ju
Mayor of Tongyeong City
Koo Kil-yong
Chairman of Gyeongsangnam-do Sailing Federation

Good to see you all. My name is Kang Seok-ju, major of Tongyeong City.

I would like to congratulate you on the 『13th Yisunsin Cup International Yacht Race』 which is held in Tongyeong, also known as a land of the sea. And also, all the sailors and relevant officials are warmly welcomed.

The sea is now loved by people from all over the world not only for its logistics, food, environment and resources but also for its purpose of rest and leisure. The number of marine tourists is mounting up, and environment-friendly marine sports such as sailing are in the spotlight.

Welcoming the 13th event this year, the『Yisunsin Cup International Yacht Race』is now considered as one of the three major yacht races in Asia. Tongyeong has been gearing up to become a center of marine sports thanks to its natural beauties of a string of islands, mild climate and calm sea.

Furthermore, the Republic of Korea, surrounded by three sides of the sea, is proud of its favorable natural conditions to develop the marine leisure business. Korea also boasts of its world's No. 1 shipbuilding industry and has a top-tier competitiveness in world automobile and IT fields.

In line with this, Tongyeong City has been supporting diverse programs to advance the base of yacht business. In addition, we are putting a great deal of efforts to become the hub of the marine leisure industry by expanding our yacht mooring facilities and building a marina business center.

Dear all participating sailors, I hope that you will enjoy this year's exciting yachting event on the blue sea of Tongyeong. I also believe that sailing with full of freedom and your passion will present all of you with the charm of marine sports.

Lastly, I would like to deliver my sincere gratitude to Minister Park Yang-woo of the Culture, Sports and Tourism, Governor Kim Gyeong-su of Gyeongsangnam-do, chairman Koo Kil-yong of Gyeongsangnam-do Sailing Federation, and all the relevant officials for their commitment and support to the Race.

I welcome you all again and wish you all the best time and to enjoy the wonderful sea. Thank you.

Kang Seok-juMayor of Tongyeong City