About the Race

Yisunsin Cup International Yacht Race


Yisunsin Cup International Yacht Race,

as one of the three major yachting competitions in Asia, will foster the marine leisure industry, expand the base of the yacht and play the driving force tor further development of Gyeongsangnam-do and TongYeong City as a meca for leading the marine sports in the world.

Purpose and Effect of competition

Purpose of competition
  • As one of the three major yachting competition in Asia, a signature international event and a representative yacht tournament in Korea is to be to contribute to activating international sports exchange.
  • To secure a medal in the Olympics and Asian Games in yacht race by training of outstanding athletes
  • Raising adolescent interests and Development of human resources by holding unique in the country RC(Remote Control) yacht race

The three major yachting competitions in Asia: Yisunsin Cup, China Cup, Kings Cup Yacht Race

Competition Effect
  • Establishment of foundation for development of international yacht race with the yacht developed world expansion of alternating current
  • Strengthening yacht industry's international connection through continued support of the ORC(Offshore Racing Congress) and WS(World Sailing)
  • Raising adolescent interests and Development of human resources by holding Youth RC(Remote Control) Sailing Regatta
  • Strengthening national marine sports and international recognition of Yisunsin
  • To promote the local economy and citizen's sports promotion by holding yacht competition and marine festival

Domestic, foreign players, officials involved, more than 900 people are in residence during competition period


Contest Period2023. 11. 1(Wed) - 5(Sun), 5days