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Yisunsin Cup International Yacht Race

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Significance of Yisunsin Cup

Yi Sun-sin’s peach-shaped cup (Do-bae) and long sword

Longing for hope and peace in light of Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s peach-shaped cup (Do-bae) and long sword

The 10th YISUNSIN CUP International Yacht Race launched its new key words, ‘hope and peace,’ naming its cup the Peach Peace Cup (PPC), a cup of hope and peace.
The components of this Cup are two of Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s heritages, the peach-shaped cup (Do-bae) and long sword. The design of the PPC was inspired by the Do-bae, which stands for hope and blessing, and two sets of long swords that represent the spirit of a peace oath.
The image of the two long swords pointing downwards on the Cup depict war prevention and the pursuit of peace. By putting the Do-bae on the sword grips, this expresses everyone’s wish to stop war and dream of hope and peace by raising a cup.

Beauty of Korea and the Olympic Spirit

Mechanism of Separation and Integration

Etched on the Cup, the two sets of long swords supported by the yacht’s sail are connected by a Korean traditional latch, which was used on the Jigua-mun (Jigua gate) of the Naesam-mun (inner three gates) at the Sebyeonggwan Government Office of the Navy Headquarters of the Three Provinces. ‘Jigua,’ which means ‘cease war for peace,’ stems from two Chinese characters - ‘Ji or withdraw’ and ‘Chang or lance’ - that were derived from the Chinese character ‘Mu or war.’ If these two characters are combined again, it implies the spirit of war prevention.
The shape of a yacht with Olympic rings is situated on top of the pedestal of the Cup, emitting a light of peace for the world. Under the pedestal, foliage scrolls pioneered by the renowned artist Kim Bong-ryong (master of lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl) were inscribed to symbolize Korean beauty.
Since the pedestal is designed to be separable, the lower part is able to keep records for the past ten years, and all records will be disclosed at the 100th anniversary of the YISUNSIN CUP yacht race.

Revival of the past victory

197.2 cm tall PPC and Admiral Lee Sun-sin’s long swords

The Peach Peace Cup (PPC) is 197.2cm tall, the length of Admiral Lee Sun-sin’s long sword, and 40cm in diameter. There were several methods used to construct the PPC: the Do-bae is made of silver; five different jewels were embedded on the Olympic rings yacht using an inlaying technique; and the frame of the Cup was manufactured using red casting brass.

Wish the world peace

Announcing the 10th YISUNSIN CUP International Yacht Race, the PPC was created to wish the world peace.

The YISUNSIN CUP is the longest historic yacht championship in the Republic of Korea. The PPC was created to celebrate the 10th race, dream for the 100th race in the future, and wish the world peace.
The YISUNSIN CUP (or PPC) was honorably donated by Mr. Choi Young-tae, president of the NADRI Group and honorary chairman of the 10th YISUNSIN CUP yacht race. The Cup was designed by designer Park Woo-kwon of Able Graphics, and jewelry designer Lee Sun-ok of the NADRI Group.